How we work

CostA common concern for builders and clients is ensuring that budgets are adhered to. It is important know your own budget and it is equally as important to financially plan for a reserve for contingencies, sometimes unforeseen. Whether working on a renovation project or new build, one cannot prepare for a structural change or pipe that needs to be moved – or a change of mind for a higher priced appliance, fixture or light. We recommend owners’ reserving their own budget of 5% to 10% of the contract amount. More often than not, even if not used, clients are happy they reserved these funds.

Collaboration – Our process begins with a budget number given to us by the client. Whether derived by an outside architect and the client, or straight from the client, we test this budgetary number throughout the project to ensure that we remain within budget. We have worked with budgets of all sizes – and the importance of having a detailed budget that is agreed upon cannot be understated. This allows everyone to have a thorough understanding of the scope of work and assigned budgetary dollars.

We start with design prints and construction documents that detail the budget agreed to. As projects develop, customers often choose to customize portions of their build project – by enhancing or changing the budgeted items – whether it be kitchen appliances, cabinets or fixtures, lighting and hardware. Each change is discussed, documented and change orders are processed which reflect the price changes and associated charges. Our goal is to complete a project on time and within budget. We welcome changes to ensure that our customers receive the end product they truly want. Our collaborative approach ensures a smooth work flow and expeditious progress throughout the project.

CommunicationClients often develop their concepts and build plans based on discussions we have in the discovery phase as well as from photos they bring or those we share of previous projects. Our team is engaged from concept to completion, communicating with each other daily. We discuss with our clients; updates on schedules, changes, progress and budgets.  We consider ourselves “resource rich” and are happy to share all available resources with our clients – whether those resources are in house or through one of our valued partners or vendors.